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Guardrails and Bumplines

rooftop fall protection with a safety guardrail system

Today’s commercial and industrial rooftops are getting quite crowded with various HVAC units, ducts, pipes and other RTUs (rooftop units). A roof barrier or guardrail system is intended to prevent roof workers and subcontractors from risk of injury or a fatal fall. It is a form of fall protection, helping create a safe environment on your roof while maintaining or installing various RTUs. It can also create a safe environment around your roof access points, or any openings found on the roof, like hatches and skylights.

A non-penetrating roof safety railing, or self ballasted guardrail system, that arrives on-site in pre-made modular components making it easy to assemble. The 5001 and 5007 RoofBarrier series does not require any penetration of the roof membrane in order to be installed. Ultimately, saving both time and money, along with any required alterations to the roof membrane once the installation is complete that would have been needed with a fixed system.

A fixed roof safety guardrail system that comes in pre-made modular components making it easy to assemble on-site. Can be mounted directly to concrete or steel parapets, either side mounted or top mounted.

Our RoofLine system is used where roof access is required; however close access to the roof-edge is not. The safety line fall protection keeps roof workers from getting close enough to an edge where they would be at risk of a fall. By keeping personnel away from hazard areas you can avoid having to install a guardrail system. Making RoofLine a cost-effective solution.

A modular non-penetrating or fixed guardrail system that wraps around the hatch ensuring a safe access point for roof personnel to ascend and descend from the hatch ladder. When paired with a door, the roof hatch can remain open while roof personnel and subcontractors are working.


Our Roof Access and Safety Solutions can be seen across North America.

architectural roof guardrail
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The facility maintenance team’s primary concern was looking for a non-penetrating self-ballasted rooftop guardrail and barrier system that was quick and easy for the contractor to install.
Rooftop Safety Trends – Raising the Bar on Rooftop Safety Compliance
Canadian Roofing Contractors Association interviewed Vernon Ghinn, our VP of roof safety specialists, to chat about the future of height safety and its impact on regulations.
Skyline Roof
Creating A Safe Catwalk on A Crowded Hospital Rooftop
Learn how this medical center is safely navigating its crowded rooftop with an upgraded catwalk system, ensuring a safe working environment.


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As rooftop safety specialists we have experience reviewing various types of commercial roofs and critical access points, ensuring a compliant and safe roof environment. In our effort to make height and rooftop safety compliance easy, we offer a complimentary virtual rooftop analysis.


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