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Roof Safety Compliance

Working at Heights Safety Standards

As your rooftop safety partner, the Skyline Group can help from initial roof hazard review and safety assessment to providing a full solution that meets your local fall protection standards. Our safety solutions have been tested and engineered to meet or exceed both national and provincial/state regulations.

Safety Roof Ladder

Roof Access and Compliance Made Easy

Roof Access Points

A clear understanding of your roof’s access points and the potentials hazards that exist is a critical first step in developing a rooftop safety program

Continued Learning

It is essential to keep up to date with evolving regulations and clearly understand how we can better prepare for tomorrow’s rooftop hazards.

Creating A Safety Culture

Our array of services helps ensure you do not discover safety by accident. Creating a safety-driven culture that is part of your DNA is essential to keeping your employees, customers, suppliers and loved ones safe.


Our services help ensure you are kept safe while working at heights. From virtual lunch & learns to on-site roof hazard reviews, if you are faced with a rooftop safety challenge, there is a good chance that we have already solved it.

Custom Solutions

No project is too small or large for our design team, we understand that every application has its unique challenges. This is why all custom fabrication is done locally by certified welders that have an in-depth knowledge of your rooftop safety standards.


Our Roof Access and Safety Solutions can be seen across North America.

architectural roof guardrail
High Rise Building Escapes Costly Repairs with a Roof Barrier System
The facility maintenance team’s primary concern was looking for a non-penetrating self-ballasted rooftop guardrail and barrier system that was quick and easy for the contractor to install.
Rooftop Safety Trends – Raising the Bar on Rooftop Safety Compliance
Canadian Roofing Contractors Association interviewed Vernon Ghinn, our VP of roof safety specialists, to chat about the future of height safety and its impact on regulations.
Skyline Roof
Creating A Safe Catwalk on A Crowded Hospital Rooftop
Learn how this medical center is safely navigating its crowded rooftop with an upgraded catwalk system, ensuring a safe working environment.


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